Standing Stone Preorder

Finally. Yeah. I know, it’s been a heck of a year hasn’t it? Life has been in an upheaval for me.

But finally Standing Stone is up for preorder on Amazon.  I am not sure if I should laugh, cry, or do a happy dance.  But it’s up.  And Will and Joe are waiting for you.

The release day is December 15th.  If you want to find more, you can find that either on Facebook, on my blog, or on my author site.   And there is an excerpt from Standing Stone up on the blog. You can find it here.

Preorder here on Amazon.Standing Stone Book Cover


Forget Aug 1st. Sigh

I am on Chapter 20 of my edits for Standing Stone.  I gather by now you know I hate editing.  I had planned on Aug 1st release but the time line was delayed since my lupus decided to go after my left eye.

I’m sorry and I will be better about editing.  Promise.  I can’t help but think a nice tropical beach and a nice shack would help.

The website is up

However… [with my life? There has to be a however…]  The link shows it is in maintenance mode when you try to link to it.  The site is NOT in maintenance mode.  It just says it is.

I’m looking for a fix for this.  Feel free to visit the new website.

The best laid plans of mice and men…

Forget the mice. The best laid plans of men.   On Friday, my website updated from WordPress 4.1.x to 4.2.  It blew up my entire site.  The new version suddenly was incompatible with my theme and my plugins [both bought and free]  The site destroyed everything except the main page.

I tried several fixes including a fresh reinstall and it continued to point to an incompatibility with WordPress.  Since I lost all my pages and my site, my options were:  To reinstall an older version of WordPress which would be a real bitch since I use the one click install and frankly don’t feel like screwing around.  My job is writing not fixing programming messes.  Or to throw the entire thing out and start with a new software.  I chose the latter since everything was lost anyway.   And frankly, at this point,  I have no trust of WordPress.   It’s done it before.  It doesn’t do it often but it does it.  So it was time to move the wagons out and look for something else.

I ran through several tests of other software and landed on Concrete5.  The learning curve was a lot less than WordPress and the documentation a lot less obscure and wordy.  Today I am writing the content back I lost and expect to have the site up and running by tonight.  I must say I am very pleased with this and it doesn’t have the holes WordPress does.

I expect I’ll make changes as I learn the software but the main thing is getting the author site back up and running.  I do like the fact it is going to confuse the hell out of the WordPress hackers.   Sadly I won’t get to watch that.  Poor dears.

I will post here when it is back up and running.

Standing Stone

Standing Stone has gone to bed after the 5th edit.  It will rest for about a month then I’ll pick it back up and do one more pass before it goes to my editor Nadege Editing.

I’ve started working on Just One Look to fix the plot and finish the rough draft.

I’m working on fleshing out the plots on Cain’s Dessert and The Path to the North Pole.

I’m also currently working on a short story.

The Great Computer Crash of 2014

Thanks to a computer crash last week, I lost all  of The Path to the North Pole and the edited last 3 chapters of Standing Stone.   Since my backup wasn’t working properly.  All are gone.  I am working on  the last 3 chapters of Standing Stone as well as replacing the Path to the North Pole.

Fun times.

Thanks to that crash and the backup Failure.  Standing Stone is delayed yet again from being sent to Evil Editor.